View Full Version : Loading Slimserver on QNAPs

2006-07-09, 16:56
If you didn't buy it preconfigured. Don't use my Squeezeboxes much these days but since I'm getting hold of a couple of QNAPs I thought it might be a cool thing to do.

Search on this site seems to be ****ed.

I understand that there's a trick to loading Slimserver on the QNAPs. What functionality of the original firmware do you lose by putting Slimserver on, and is it actually possible for a Linux-loather to stick Slimserver onto one of these boxes or is it the sole domain of the preloaded QNAPs?

2006-07-09, 23:34
At the mo it seems to be the domain of the preloaded qnaps I'm afraid. PM ultra238a (Paul from progressive av who supplys the preloaded qnaps)just to confirm that though!

2006-07-10, 09:15
Yeah, at the moment there is no way to load SlimServer onto a Qnap that didn't come with it originally, or if you replace the hard drive.

There is apparently a Firmware in the works from Progressive AV that will allow you to setup SlimServer on any TS-101. Apparently this will be available from Progressive as opposed to Qnap. I don't know the time scale for this update though.

Paul from Progressive has installed SlimServer on other Units for a small fee in the past.

2006-07-12, 04:04
Thanks. Use the Macs for music playback in any case but just curious in case I blow the dust off the Squeezeboxen since I'm planning to have several TS-101's.