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Jason Holtzapple
2003-11-25, 18:18
--- rpgoldman (AT) real-time (DOT) com wrote:
> Eric> Personally, I wrote my own Java based tagging utilities to
> Eric> allow me to correctly tag my Classical music. I based them
> Eric> on the jd3lib libraries available at sourceforge.net. I
> Eric> could make them available if there's sufficient interest.
> That would be fantastic. I have looked around and even most tag
> editors don't support the additional ID3V2 tags. I was going to start
> hacking on tagged (perl program), but wasn't real excited about the
> prospect....

The id3v2 command line tool - id3v2.sf.net - supports most of not all of
the id3v2 frame types. I use it for my tagging needs.


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