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Mark A. Pappas
2003-11-25, 13:52
Hi All,
I need to chime in on this one.

I have a computer setup as my multimedia machine. I think I have everything
working ok with SlimP3. My problem is getting the sound out of the box.
Sounds easy.... Well not so.

I have the computer on my bench running WindowsXP. I setup the sound card
and everything works fine. I shut it down, move the computer over to my
stereo. Connect it to my network and turn it on. Once it boots I use Remote
Login from my desktop computer to my SlimP3 computer. I login with no
problem. When I start Windows Media Player or Music Match. It says there is
no sound card. I go to the sound control panel and it says Microsoft RDP
Audio Driver. There is no sign of my sound card. I have no way of adjusting
anything audio wise.

Any advice??? I'm at a loss. Thanks for all the help!!

Mark Pappas

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Quoting Dan Richardson <plymptonia (AT) yahoo (DOT) com>:

>> > What he mentioned is the same problem I'm having with
>> > build (and before) I did use the port too (9000).
>> Got it! Thanks! (now, off to test - web delivery,
>> etc...)
>btw...sync is NOT available for software players. No way to control
>the buffer

DOH! Just when I was about to do a search / ask a new question!

It seems like software players have to do this:
1. Start up the stream
2. Log into the SlimServer, add songs to the playlist
3. Listen to tunes

When that client returns (from that IP address), they resume the stream. If
you log in from a different IP address, you need to set up a new stream.
Correct? Is there any way to set up a generic web-bound stream?


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