View Full Version : Just resurrected my DOA remote :-)

2006-07-06, 12:10

New user, first post. SB3 arrived this morning - very impressed with shiny new case and initial scrolly graphics. Gutted that the remote didn't appear to be working though :-(

Tried swapping batteries - still nothing. Checked the IR output using a digi camera - nothing doing so looks like the remote is kaput.

I considered going through the hassle of getting an RMA number and waiting another week very briefly before deciding to have a peek in the case to see if there were any lose connections, dry joints etc.

The remote case comes apart easily - there are 3 sprung clips down each side and one at the base. If you look carefully at the side profile you can see where the clips are. Press firmly in the groove with a thin screwdriver and it's possible to open these up without damaging the case.

I took my time prising open alternate sides and managed to get it open fine.

Spent a few minutes studying the PCB looking for dry solder joints - all looks fine. Then I spotted a very fine solder bridge between two of the pins of the IC. A good sign!

Rushed to fetch my soldering iron, a quick wipe over the IC pins to remove the bridge, reassembled and success! Remote is now working brilliantly. So I'm very happy!

Still have to go through the setup process and scan through 80GB of MP3's, but it's looking good...

So, a long winded first post but I thought I would document this for anyone else that encounters a similar problem with a DOA remote.