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Dan Richardson
2003-11-25, 13:23
> Same, but different: I like to control my slimp3 using the
> web interface via a 10-inch Smart Display (ViewSonic V110p).
> The touchscreen is perfect, it's more portable than a laptop,
> and it's got a little display stand.
> Kind of pricey if you *just* want a remote, though. :-)
> -Neal Tucker

I dunno Neal - ever price one of those color Pronto's!?!?! Aren't
they like $300-400??


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Jonathan Schwartz
2003-11-25, 13:58
Great feedback many of you. Thanks!

Just a small clarification...I don't actually have a "Listening
Room". I have a *Living Room* where the stereo and TV are, which
also serves as a playroom, toy storage room, laundry folding room and
alternate bedroom when guests visit or the Wife requests its. ;-(.

It was good to hear about the many ways that Slim has been implemented.

Except for those with large budgets, I think that it comes down to
using the hardware we have available to us create the solution that
makes sense in these tough times. I'm using a SONY laptop right now
because it happens to be available...until I get a paying PC-based
client .-)

That being said, I *do* like the sound of both the TV Out on a
standard PC, a bargain PC Tablet and the Viewsonic Screen.

Thanks again for the feedbck.



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