View Full Version : slimserver won't start with belkin router

2006-07-06, 07:38
I installed a belkin router yesterday (F5D7230-4) and now slimserver hangs at "Starting Slimserver". It never actually starts running and http://localhost:9000/ doesn't return anything. It could just be a coincidence, but how could my new router prevent slimserver from even running? port forwarding and firewall settings are correct as far as I can tell. Slimserver was working fine previously with my old d-link router.

Using slimserver 6.3 on windows XP.

Any suggestings would be appreciated. thanks


2006-07-17, 04:49
I've been tearing my hair out recently as I've only been able to get 30-40 minutes of play out of the same Belkin router you mention- before it just switches itself off. The issue has only started quite recently and may be to do with the hot weather (only thing I can think of). I works fine with just my laptop on the wireless but I reckon the traffic of the flac files is just too much. This is obviously a router problem not an sb problem and I've decided to go hardwire instead. If you haven't already, get the router sent back. Belkin sent my replacement (this is the second one!) in just a few days. I'd consider selling the replacement and getting another brand- this is what I'll do on receipt of my replacement mk2. Hope this helps.

BTW anyone else had routers that just weren't up to the job, like this Belkin?

2006-07-17, 07:47
Odd, I use a Belkin F5D7231-4... which is a digit "newer" but... I got it at Wallyworld a year ago.

It does occasionally have issues and needs to be rebooted: usually it just drops the connection to my cable modem completely, sometimes it just randomly drops packets (ie, it sounds like a memory corruption or leak error in the firmware...). The complete drop I usually notice in the morning, so it may have been slowly dying overnight.

It doesn't break local connections when it does that, so the bug is most likely in the NAT code, and my squeezeboxes keep working fine (well no squeezenetwork obviously, but they can play local music fine).

Except for changing SSID, Security and opening a couple ports so I can get to my home machines from work, it's the stock configuration.

Not the greatest router in the world, but mostly works.

2006-07-17, 07:52
i've got my belkin working now. it does get very hot, so i unplug it at night to let it rest. this router replaces the d-link i got, which constantly dropped the connection and could only be reset with a paper clip. stay away from that one.

2006-07-17, 10:24
I have a Belkin 7230-4 router. I've never had any problems with it and Slimserver.
However there are at least 4 or 5 revisions of this router, some using different broadcom chips. I have a version 1000 which is about 4 years old.
You might want to try disabling WEP security and Mac filtering if enabled beofre returning the router. Also update to the latest FW.

Loads of info about the router and FW's available can be found here.


2006-07-18, 00:16
Turned off WEP and voila! Got a whole 2 hours play last night before *I* turned it off. Will look into security tonight but thanks for the tip mj...