View Full Version : Mac OS X SlimServer UPnP error

2006-07-05, 13:57
I cannot get SlimServer to stay running on my Mac Mini running 10.4.6.

From the log:

2006-07-05 16:42:08.9309 Loading device description failed with error: 500 Can't connect to (connect: timeout) Device may be down or on an unreachable subnet. at Slim/Utils/UPnPMediaServer.pm line 62 is my Panasonic IP camera.

Any ideas of how to get SlimServer to start?

2006-07-06, 12:06
Have you upgrade/downgraded your SlimServer version recently?

2006-07-06, 14:49
That's just a warning message and shouldn't cause SlimServer to stop running.

2006-07-06, 15:25
I think you are right, that is not what was stopping the server from running. After disconnecting the camera, I got a different message that seems to be the cause of the server failing. I've started a new thread in the beginners forum and opened a support ticket. Thanks.