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Todd Fields
2003-11-25, 10:17
--- Jonathan Schwartz <jonathan (AT) eschwartz (DOT) com> wrote:
> So, is anyone else thinking/doing the same thing?

I did the "move my server to the stereo cabinet"
thing. The PC I use has a TV out. I still use my
remote more however and use the view through the
television more for information about what's playing
(such as viewing album art and reviews, etc.).

You can modify a skin fairly easy to get the display
the way you's want it for your TV.

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John Strickler
2003-11-25, 12:07
I have been following this group for the last few weeks (since the big
changeover), and thought I'd toss in my $.02 worth.

I have a SliMP3 (darn! bought it two weeks before Squeezebox came out) which
I am enjoying immensely. For me (and my family), the player s/w is the
*only* interface. I have never used the remote since I set up the SliMP3
originally. Our stereo is in a hallway, between my wife's office and mine,
and near our kitchen as well, but the point is that we don't have a
'listening room'. We have several sets of speakers around the house, which
we turn on or off as needed. The main speakers are situated so we can hear
them from any part of the downstairs (main floor).

The SliMP3 just sets on top of my receiver and does its thing. The server
runs on my daughter's Windows 98 desktop which is upstairs.

For our purposes, it could have no display at all. I know that I could have
bought that (cough, cough) other device, which is a little cheaper, but I
like the open source commitment of the Slim Devices guys, I like the server
S/W, and I like that it's in Perl, since I am a hard-core Perl geek.

I work from home, and thus am setting at a computer most of the day, so I
keep a Mozilla window with the player open all the time. My wife works from
home as well, and so she can control the player from her desk as well. And
of course, we being the Geek Family Robinson, my daughter can control it
from her computer as well. We tend to put start one or two CDs on and listen
while do our bread labor, household chores, cook, or otherwise hang out --
we seldom just sit and listen to a CD. So again, we love controlling it from
whatever computer we happen to be near.

My laptop is wireless, so in theory I could roam around the house working,
and control the SliMP3 as I wandered, but in fact I usually work at my desk
all day, since my phone and other office thingies are there.

I have a slightly older Jornada 680 that I picked up cheap, and as soon as I
get a wireless card working in it, I do plan to use it as a remote for the
SliMP3 with some appropriate skin. I would not, however, go out and buy a
$600 PDA for the purpose. I got this one *real* cheap.

When I am caught up from a couple of projects, I hope to work on customizing
a skin, adding a lot more search features, and maybe get involved in server
development. Thanks to Slim Devices for a mondo cool product.