View Full Version : Strange extensions

2006-07-05, 10:08

Got a qnap connected to a sb3 via ethernet cable, no pc in the loop. Got my music file structure as artist/album/song.

Now when I go into the "Browse music folder" all I get are extensions of filenames like bin,boot,dec .lib .media etc. The weird thing is though it was working ok (had been playing some music)Went to select a new artist and album and thats when the problem started. Even stranger is that when I select "random song" or "random album" then it selects one from the drive and plays it without any hassle. I've checked the qnap and all the music is on there, I've also made no changes to the qnap (aside from mapping it to a drive on my pc when I wanted to copy some music across). I've also not made any changes to the settings to the sb. I've tried resetting both the qnap and the sb3 without any luck.

I've put the post here as well as the qnap thread as I don't know which is causing the problem.

Any ideas?