View Full Version : Qnap TS-101 update problem

2006-07-05, 05:59
I have been trying to update My Slimserver using the files on the following page: http://www.progressiveav.com/ts101_update/ I first ran the All-In-One update (by putting it in the update folder and re-booting. Then the same with the AlienBBC 1.04. Slimserver is now not responding.

I have looked at the errors.log and it has the following: useradd: user slimserver exists
mkdir: cannot create directory `/opt/slimserver': File exists
mkdir: cannot create directory `/opt/slimserver': File exists

Can anyone shed some light on this,

Many thanks.

2006-07-05, 07:12
After updates, I sometimes have to close Firefox down and restart it to access Slimserver on the Qnap.

2006-07-05, 07:19
Are the files you downloaded still there in the folder or have they been deleted?


2006-07-05, 07:22
They are deleted