View Full Version : moving itunes to new xp box

2006-07-04, 15:46
I tried to move my mp3 files from my old xp machine to a new (allways on) xp machine that will talk with the squeezebox.

Problem is I typed in a lot of the mp3 information via itunes as I didn't have internet at the time (long time back) and this information isn't available on my new box (unless I retype it).

Anyone know how I can get all the info across?


2006-07-04, 21:50
Mike, you should try asking in the iTunes forum http://discussions.apple.com/category.jspa?categoryID=150

2006-07-05, 01:01

You can safely move your itunes library to any new location whilst preserving playcounts and playlists and any comments and changes you have typed.

Basically all you do is change the location of itunes in advanced properties and then choose "consolidate" to actually move the files whilst preserving the data.

Theres an excellent "how to" here which cover this in more detail.


Hope this helps