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2006-07-03, 09:28
I'm running firmware 55.

I was running an SB3 in DHCP mode. I reset my router. Afterwards, the SB3 aquired the same IP address as my laptop.

I think what happened it as follows.

My laptop didn't even notice the reset and just kept its IP address.

SB3 did notice, and went to reaquire. The reset router had no valid DHCP client lease information.
So it gave out the first IP in the range - which is what my laptop had.

If this is true, then its likely the SB3 did NOT suggest its previous address when making the request. This is conjecture, so I'm not yet prepared to open a bug. Does anyone know any facts?

tom permutt
2006-07-03, 09:53
You have it right. Router and SB are working as they are supposed to. Laptop has no claim on that address, but can go on using it (or any other address with a correct network portion) until there is a conflict. Reboot the laptop (or, depending on OS, merely force a restart of the relevant subsystem), and it will acquire a new address.

2006-07-03, 10:53
or without re-starting your laptop you can open a command window (Start -> Run -> cmd) and enter "ipconfig /renew". If that doesn't work for some weird reason, you can use "ipconfig /release" then "ipconfig /renew".

Or like Tom said, just re-boot and you should be fine :)

2006-07-04, 07:11
I think you missed the point.

IMHO, the SB3 should have requested, and thus received, its previous ip address. Although this is not required, this behavior is allowed in the DHCP protocol and reduces the chances of an ip address clash after a router restart.

2006-07-05, 20:05
Sounds like there's more wrong, though.

Isn't a restarting DHCP router supposed to broadcast that fact? And shouldn't your laptop have noticed?