View Full Version : Problems with synchronization

2006-07-02, 06:35
I love the sync feature ... i have 4 different Squeezeboxes (both original and SB 2) in different areas of the house that I sync when we are in "party" mode.

The problem is that the sync'd units seem to lose their mind after 25 or 30 tracks are played. They stall out together, or start stuttering together, or make a static-y noise together. I can sometimes get things reset by directing one of the units (and thus all of the units) to skip to the next song, but it will soon fail again.


2006-07-03, 06:19
It depends on a lot of factors, such as (a) how fast the computer running slimserver is, (b) how the SBs are connected to the server, (c) the format of the music files, and (d) the overall traffic on your home network. If your server is slow, or the network congested, or your wireless throughput is shaky, or some combination, you're going to have problems. Maybe if you describe your system a little more you can get some good tips.