View Full Version : duplicate artists on slim 6.3.0 advice please

2006-07-02, 02:39

Like some help removing duplicate entries on my compilation albums
please. I have mostly flac files.

> Luckily, it's easy to fix (or at least, has been for most people - one
> I think is still experiencing problems). Open the affected album in a
> tagger and resave the album tag and the compilation tag (if you use
> it). Do a full clear and rescan, including deleting the existing
> cache.

This didn't work for me. I used tag & rename to rename the album title
& rest the compilation tag on all tracks within a compilation. Removed
the slimserversql.db file & rescanned everything. 'fraid the duplicates

I'm runnng this on Fedora2 with musicIP.