View Full Version : Slimdevices home page is scary.

2006-07-01, 20:00
Someone going to the Slimdevices site for the first time is going to see the $1499 price for the ReadyNAS bundle, and since it's the only price listed on the home page, assume that the lion's share of that must be the cost of the Squeezebox. And then they'll go to the Roku site and buy that thing and think they've made a very smart decision.

IMHO you need to have "Starting at $249!" in big red 60 point Futura Bold on your home page; after all the ReadyNAS thing is going to appeal to a subset of Squeezebox buyers, not the other way 'round.

2006-07-01, 20:05
Actually the NAS bundle has sold quite well, and apparently not to the detriment of single SB3s. However, you're right, it does make the home page a bit stupid. Of course in due time we will replace it with other promos/bundles/announcements that have broader appeal.

2006-07-01, 20:29
Funny. For me the scarey part was that the NAS and the SB are about the same size - actually the SB looks bigger.

2006-07-02, 01:00
Hah, the scary thing for me was that the NAS looked like a household safe, about 1 metre high!

2006-07-02, 07:00
And, therefore, the SB is about the size of a large flatscreen TV. :-)