View Full Version : Using Slimserver without Slimp3?

Eric Gauthier
2003-11-25, 05:27
I am not familiar with iTunes, but I use the slimserver with Winamp all the

However, you need to specify the port number of the slimserver (default is
9000). So the MP3 stream URL should be http://slimserver:9000/stream.mp3
where slimserver is the name of the machine (or address) that is running the


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>I checked the archives, and I can't seem to find out the answer to
>Can the Slimserver be used WITHOUT a Slimp3 (or squeezebox) on
>the network?
>I wanted to test it out before plunking down $300, since I've
>had a Rio Receiver with Jreceiver, and now I've got an HP
>DE200c (works, but want all MP3's on my main 24x7 server).
>I installed the Slimserver on both a Mac OS X Panther machine,
>and a Red Hat 9 Linux machine (RPM) - and the same result from
>my Mac - the web server, under "Now Playing" "Your player was
>not found". I can't add anything to play lists, and I went
>into iTunes, opened stream "" -
>iTunes says "stream.mp3 elapsed time 0:00", and just stays there.
>Am I missing something?
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