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2006-07-01, 02:32
I have a squeezebox since last week. All is ok, I can play files which are on HDD, or access to squeezenetwork. ZoneAlarm is well configured. The good ports are open.
But, when I want to read Web Radio, by SlimServer or by SqueezeNetwork, ZoneAlarm block the connection except if I add IP address of the radio to my trusted zone.
Is there a better way to configure ZoneAlarm than adding each IP of each radio station that I want to listen to ?!
Thanks for your help


Mark Lanctot
2006-07-01, 09:55
First I've heard of this.

Did you put your Squeezebox IP address as a trusted IP address? ZA needs to realize it's part of your LAN.

No need to put every radio station there, and you obviously shouldn't have to.

2006-07-01, 15:19
Exactly - you need to configure ZA so it knows that your slimserver and squeezeboxes can make outbound connections to any IP.

2006-07-02, 01:50
It seems to work when I set the Inernet Zone Security to medium.
But I am not sure It is a very good idea.
But I don't know another way to configure it.
If I only put the squeezebox IP in my trusted zone, it doesn't work

2006-07-02, 09:57
I'm no ZA expert, I haven't used it in years. I recommend you contact their support and ask how to allow your internal hosts to make arbitrary outbound connections - that's what you need to do to make this work.