View Full Version : Converting splimp3 playlists (.m3u files) to iTunes playlist on Windows

Farid Shenassa
2003-11-24, 19:58
Hi All,

I may have missed this but I've been following the threads for a while. Now
that I have iTunes for windows, and using EAC/LAME to rip/encode my
collection to .mp3 files, and create the .m3u for each CD, how can I auto
convert these playlists to iTunes playlists to put on the iPod. Is there a
perl script or other program out there for this?

I saw a previous post but that was appleScript which doesn't help on the PC.

I don't think iTunes does this. Am I missing something?

BTW, thanks to everyone for their quick response on my previous posts re:
EAC/LAME, etc. you guys are great.