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2006-06-29, 02:08

Was just wondering if there were any stations that played Jean michel jarre type stuff?


2006-06-29, 06:16
Fortunatly not ..

I highly recommend Groove Salad, it's one of the channels from somafm that plays more lounge,laid back groove. Give it a try.

Also, if you must listen to Jarre then set yourself up a Pandora channel or Lastfm, that will be your best option.

Philip Meyer
2006-06-30, 12:27
>Was just wondering if there were any stations that played Jean michel
>jarre type stuff?
I listen to several radio stations via live365 that play that sort of music.

Try "Astreaux World" on Live365, or searching for Jarre via Live365.

BTW, I recently read the following on a yahoo group mailing list called Beyond EM:

not posted here for a while... in fact, not been reading the group for a
while either....

but anyway, in the interest of promotion, and because i know there's a lot
of Jean Michel Jarre fans on Beyond EM (and i assume therefore a fair few
who may not be on the Jean Michel Jarre mailing lists and Yahoo Group), I
therefore just wish to plug Space of Freedom, the new Jean Michel Jarre
Forum, and resides currently at www.jarreforum.com

guests can view the site and posts etc, but if you want to join in the
discussions etc, you will need to sign up - but please do sign up if you
can, the more the merrier we say :o)

*note: we've just moved servers and are now currently waiting for the DNS
service to update which is a case of asap, so if you cant see the site when
you visit the link, try again later...