View Full Version : Slimserver 6.3.0 ate my squeezebox

2006-06-28, 11:38

I haven't needed to post before, but I think my squeezebox may be allergic to Slimserver 6.3...

My setup:

- Mac G4 Cube (450MHz G4, 1.0 Gbyte of RAM, 120Gbyte of disk, 21Gbytes free), MacOS 10.3.5,

- 3700 files in Apple Lossless encoding, no MP3s

- Slimserver serves files from iTunes directories

- LAN connection to Squeezebox2 (10baseT).

- Squeezebox 2 output from digital outputs to a DAC and from there to Hi-fi

This all worked perfectly* until yesterday. Yedsterday, I updated to server 6.3.0, and since then:

- Playing an album results in the display cycling through each track for 1 second, but no sound comes out.
- "Lost contact with Slimserver" messages appearing on screen regularly
- Web front end extremely sluggish

I updated the firmware on the player, but no improvement.

None of the 6.x releases have been very good on my system, and going back down to 5.4 made a mess of the pitch setting -- everything played too fast.

Any ideas what's wrong? I've been happily using my SB since late 2004 with no trouble, but now it's completely non functional.... :-(

* occasionally, some tracks would be listed twice in albums - this is why I upgraded to 6.3... :-(