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Les Bowman
2003-11-24, 14:44
This is essentially what I've done except I use winamp and linux.

I have a 120GB harddrive mounted at /mp3 shared out via samba, burn my cd's
on my main windows machine, copy the ripped files to
/mmserver/mp3/artist/album and then queue the songs in winamp and make a
playlist on my windows box but saved to /mmserver/mp3/Playlists. This way
any machine on my network can use the winamp playlists (just make a shortcut
to the folder to the desktop of all the client machines named Jukebox). You
can then use this folder for your slimp3 playlists as well if you make a
folder of the machine name at root and then use a symbolic link to the /mp3

There are a few nice things about this setup. Since it's linux, when I
upgrade to a 200GB hardrive (x-mas is so close) I can mount it at /mp3 and
not have to reconfigure crap other than fstab.

I don't have to keep seperate playlists for clients and the slimp3, but if
the playlists symlink is acting up or whatever my directory tree is still
prett easy to navigate (even with 1600+ albums).

Anyway, this way I didn't need to bring a box out to the living room but
still could if I wanted.

If you're going to run a something akin to a Winmedia box, I'm not sure what
affect all the programs would have on any tivo'ish features you implement.



Hi All,
I have an extra PIII that I want to use a multimedia computer tied to my
stereo. I want to run Music Match as my music player on that computer as
well as store my mp3 and run the slimp3 server software. I can not find any
docs on how to set this up. All the docs refer to the slimdevices box. Any
advice? Thanks for the help

Mark A. Pappas