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2006-06-25, 21:05
I recently setup a NAS box (not the readyNAS) and have been noticing some odd things happening.

First, a brief rundown of my network:

My slimserver is also my firewall and NAT box. It's running linux 2.6, and provides dhcp and dns to the internal network. On the wired network, I have the slimserver box, the squeezebox, the NAS, my laptop, a wireless bridge, and a printer.

So here's what happened:

Originally the squeezebox was, and my laptop was When I got the NAS box, I decided to juggle around my addresses and the NAS box became, the squeezebox, and my laptop

After I changed that all in dhcpd.conf everything seemed like it was working. Another part of network overhaul was rewiring some stuff, so at various points the NAS was disconnected from dhcp server (which has a 10minute lease) and that is where strange things started happening.

I'd notice that I couldn't connect to the NAS box on any ports I'd expect to be able to, but it was responding to pings. This seemed to happen whenver the server box had been unavailable for whatever reason. I looked at my arp tables and saw that both the NAS box and squeeezbox were arping to the same hardware address (that of the squeezebox).

Now, the squeezebox is configured to use dhcp, but at one point it was statically configured. I thought maybe that static configuation was still active to some extent, so I changed it to the new ip, and then back to using dhcp. The problem with the NAS box still exists though.

Why would the squeezebox respond to pings for an address other than it's own? It continued doing this even after being unplugged for a while and reconfigured.

2006-06-26, 13:03
If anyone tried to call the Slim Devices world headquarters on Friday, you may have had some trouble staying connected due to a squeezebox here having THIS EXACT PROBLEM, and responding to activity from some of our phone gear.

Thanks for the description, leko, I'll try to reproduce it... on a network separate from the phone system.

2006-06-26, 15:40
Chris I filed bug 2620 a while back. May be unrelated, may be related.

2006-06-26, 17:37
That does look like the same bug. Thanks, Dan.