View Full Version : Versalink 327W Problems

2006-06-25, 16:05
Hi....anyone have experience with this modem, provided by Verizon for DSL customers?

My Squeezebox v3 connects to it just fine, incl. using my WPA key, and is assigned a DHCP IP address. But that's it. It does not find my SlimServer, even if I manually add in the IP address of my computer.

Plugging the ethernet cable in the back, I got through set up, connect via ethernet, and it immediately sees my Slimserver and my computer's name.

Is this a bridge issue? Something else? Hopefully someone can help me!!!!!!! Thanks!!!

2006-06-29, 09:12
Bumping thread. Lotsa views, so others must be having similar problems?...nobody has any ideas though, it seems...

2006-06-29, 11:25
We used to have a lot more problems connecting to wireless routers, but recent work has solved a lot of them.

Your post might indicate there's still an issue or two, though.

Have you tried to see if changing the modem settings has any effect? You might try, for instance, if it is set to WPA/WPA2 "auto", to set it to just one or the other. Or try WEP instead, if it's supported. Or, temporarily, set it to 'no security'.

Also, many modems/routers have firewall features to filter packets from various addresses or ports. If you have 'MAC address filtering' turned on, you might need to add the mac address of the Squeezebox to a list in order for most traffic to be allowed through. Or perhaps you have some of the ports that the Squeezebox uses (9000 and 3483) filtered.

Have a look and see what's up in your modem configuration!

2006-06-30, 07:30
Thanks for the hints...

This is strange to me, cuz it appears to connect to the router, just not my hard-wired machine.

I've tried with the router's firewall turned off, and mac filtering is not enabled. But I have not yet tried it with different or no security (i.e., WEP vs. WPA, etc). Someone here at work mentioned the same thing just yesterday...I'll try it as soon as I can and report my findings here...