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James Dunn
2003-11-24, 13:04

You don't need to do anything special - just install the apps. Once you've
installed the slim server, you're best bet is to point it at the root of
where your Musicmatch records files to (assuming you're using it for
ripping) but they shouldn't interfere with one another. You may run out of
CPU cycles but that's a suck and see test - you didn't mention the CPU
speed. A rescan of the server or a browse by folder into new folders should
keep the slim server up to date with additions.



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Hi All,
I have an extra PIII that I want to use a multimedia computer tied to my
stereo. I want to run Music Match as my music player on that computer as
well as store my mp3 and run the slimp3 server software. I can not find any
docs on how to set this up. All the docs refer to the slimdevices box. Any
advice? Thanks for the help

Mark A. Pappas