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Jason Holtzapple
2003-11-24, 12:32
--- Chuck Rice <chuck (AT) wildrice (DOT) com> wrote:
> If I could then say
> Generate a playlist that contains "Christmas and Party and NOT Yuck!"

Ok, I have attached a script called id3tom3u.pl that should do what you ask
and a lot more. MP3::Info module is required!

Here's an example. If your mp3 directory is /export/music and you want to
generate a playlist for your example above, you'd do this:

../id3tom3u.pl /export/music --comment='christmas and party and !yuck' >

You can use --album --artist --comment --genre --title --tracknum --year
for matching. The arguments to these will be placed directly into a normal
perl match unless you use 'and' and '!' - which are special.

Hope it helps!

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