View Full Version : Duplicate track entries in 6.3. Anyone else?

2006-06-24, 07:36
I've been using the 6.3 nightlies. Since the 18 June I have noticed that a good many of my tracks now have duplicate entries. I can see no logic as to why some tracks have duplicate entries and other don't. It appears random. In addition some albums (all compilations at a first glance) have multiple entries eg:

Acoustic Songbook (disk 1) (2004) by Various Artists
Acoustic Songbook (disk 1) (2004) by Various Artists
Acoustic Songbook (disk 2) (2004) by Various Artists
Acoustic Songbook (disk 2) (2004) by Bobby Womack
Acoustic Songbook (disk 2) (2004) by Various Artists
Acoustic Songbook (disk 3) (2004) by Various Artists
Acoustic Songbook (disk 3) (2004) by Ralf McTell

All my tracks are flac. I have no cue or playlists amongst my music folder and no shortcuts. I'm on XP Pro. Currently I am running a nighlty from last night. I have set "Group compilation albums together". The PC holding my 6.3 installation has never had 6.5 on it. I have tried deleting the database and rescanning from scratch to no avail.

Just to know that someone else has noticed this problem on 6.3 would be good.


2006-06-25, 02:15
I can't help on the duplicate track entries, but the duplicate album listings is something that a few people (including me) experienced on upgrading to 6.3.0.

It was easy to fix (resave the album name and reset the compilation tag if you use it on every affected album and it will all be fine), and my current theory is that it's something to do with a slightly that Slimserver deals with ID3 tags and / or common album titles. Then, someone experienced the same thing with FLAC files, so that can't be it.

See here for more detail http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=24724

2006-06-26, 02:34
Hi Siduhe,
My files are flac and I don't use the compilation tag. All tracks are tagged with the individual artist name and only share the album name in common.
I have in the past resaved the file in my tag editor and managed (after a few tries) to get the album to list only once. However, it is much worse than usual and affects many more albums and I'm beginning to think I've screwed up my SlimServer installation (by adding perl files from individual fixes, and not the nightly as a whole). I'll completely reinstall tonight and see what happens.

2006-07-31, 19:38
Hello there. I just installed my newly purchased SB3 along with Slimserver V6.3.1 on a Win 2k PC and I'm having the duplicate track listing issues mentioned in this thread. I tried upgrading to the latest beta but it crashed everytime the SB tried to upgrade its firmware. I went back to 6.3.1 and thankfully it works again (at least I can listen) but I'm back to just about every album having every track listed twice. Is there a work around for this or am I stuck with it until the next official release?

Curious thing, while the server is still scanning my HD for files non of the albums show dup tracks, however upon completion of the scan there they are. I wish there was a way to stop the scan midway through. I'd almost rather have an incomplete library than to deal with all the dups.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. And other than this somewhat minor hiccup I'm pretty impressed with the product so far.



Gregory Hamilton
2006-07-31, 20:01
Are both your Music and Playlists folders the same? It's possible the
folder scan and playlist scan are creating the duplicates.

2006-08-01, 13:21
Nope, I have no playlists and the Slimserver doesn't currently search anywhere for playlists. I had found a previous thread that mentioned the same thing that you did so I tried that first.

I'd say the duplicates happen for 80 to 90% of the albums, which is a bit frustrating :).

2006-08-02, 06:16
Are both your Music and Playlists folders the same? It's possible the
folder scan and playlist scan are creating the duplicates.
Mine are and that probably explains the duplicate in my case. I don't really want playlists elsewhere though. I normally keep a playlist file with the album which is more convenient when copying things about.