View Full Version : Stuck in wrong time zone

2006-06-24, 06:01
I'm using a Squeezebox that connects to SlimServer on an Infrant ReadyNAS NV. The time on the ReadyNAS is set correctly (using NTP). The time on the SqueezeBox seems to be stuck in the west coast (I'm in NY). Incidently, when I connect to slimnetwork, the time is correct, yet when I log off, it reverts to west coast time.
Is this a bug? Or is there some super-secret time setting function I haven't been able to uncover yet?

Mark Lanctot
2006-06-24, 06:12
When in SlimServer mode, the Squeezebox gets its time from SlimServer.

So - are you absolutely sure that the time on the ReadyNAS is correct? That's where the time is coming from.

When you're in SqueezeNetwork mode, you get the time from the SqueezeNetwork servers which change it for you based on your timezone setting.