View Full Version : Web interface server empty in 6.3.0 - what's missing?

2006-06-23, 07:40
Since I "downgraded" from server 6.5b1 for OS X (by deleting all files first) to 6.3.0 (last night's build) I get an almost empty web interface: the top of the page lists the items as before (but without the nice layout), clicking on items like "server settings" I get about nothing. What's missing?

2006-06-23, 08:28
6.5 web interface handling is VERY different from 6.3. Likely this is
cache related. Find the Cache/templates folder (not sure offhand where
it is on OSX, Library/Caches perhaps) and delete it. Also refresh the
browser window a few times.

2006-06-23, 10:17
And let us know how that goes, Evert. One of the employees here saw the same issue, but it seems somewhat difficult to reproduce.

2006-06-23, 11:32
Deleted my browser caches and a directory in the slimserver pref pane called template, etc, then deleted the slimserver and reinstalled. No change! Still have no items, meaning I can't e.g. use the options in the server, in short the server web access is broken... Anyone with OS X experience who can help?

2006-06-24, 01:04
As my system used to work before I upgraded to 6.5b1, maybe I should do a 100% unstill so all files created by SlimServer. But the installer has no uninstaller... How can i do it?

2006-06-24, 04:53
I noticed that SlimServer puts it's templates and caches in the Users/yourname/Library/Caches/SlimServer/ directory if you use your own iTunes. Deleting this DlimServer directory and the Users/yourname/Library/SlimDevices directory, rebooting, and reinstalling SlimServer 6.3.0 last nightly build has resolved all problems.

Hope this helps others too!

For the future: a good uninstall would be very userfriendly.

2006-06-26, 10:09
I went ahead and filed a bug against this. http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=3638

2006-06-26, 18:47
Uninstalling is supported using the Windows control panel Add/Remove programs, but what you had in mind was an option to uninstall when running the installer a second time?

2006-06-27, 05:24
If using Firefox on the server, try disabling the Adblock extension, if installed.

It can cause some weird frame problems.

Adblock needs @@http://localhost added to it's exception list.