View Full Version : Problem Playing Album from SB

2006-06-22, 13:39
Hi All,

I have an SB v3, Windows XP SP2 and Slim Server 6.5b1 and a rough 4000 songs library. If I try to play a complete Album from the SB it work only if the album are at the beginning of the alphanumeric list, albums at the end of the list will not play from the SB. I have to go to the Slim Server and make it play from here, which in this case works (beside doubling the songs but I think I can try stuff for that)

Anyone have seen this problem, before I fire a Bug???


2006-06-22, 14:12
If you mean Browse Music -> Albums -> (choose Album), Press PLAY then it seems to work for me, given only about 91 albums. If you could provide details on roughly where it starts to slip, and by how much that would help. Also make sure you are using the lastest build of 6.5 since some issues are getting fixed before they get found.

Also, try getting a bit from the log when you press PLAY. You can access from a browser http://slimserverip:9000/log.txt

try checking the d_command debug, and maybe d_sql too.