View Full Version : Multiple FM/Amp Setup

2006-06-21, 08:56
Sorry if this is a redundant question, but I couldn't find a specific answer in the forum. I just found out about the Squeezebox today, and am very anxious to get one. Its exactly what I've been wanting. My dilemma is my house sound was setup with 3 separate "zones", basically an FM receiver/AMP with its own set of built in speakers: bedroom, outside deck, and cellar game room. My plan is to get a Squeezebox and attach it to one of the amps using wireless from my PC. Would using an FM transmitter to get the same music to the other amps make sense? Or, is there another option that would be better?


2006-06-21, 10:50
sure, you could do that. or you could get a Squeezebox for each location. This gives you completely the ability to have independant music streams in each zone as well as a screen and remote in each location too. You can also syncronise* two or more players to give you the same music in those zones.

*the sync feature is reliable for some, less so for others. There is work in the pipeline to overhaul how this is managed to make it more reliable. this should be in SlimServer 6.5 when it is released