View Full Version : Q-RAID 1 on QNAP TS-101

2006-06-20, 23:29
I've got a 300Gb TS-101 running SlimServer. It's got around 130Gb of data (music) on it and I setup the Q-Raid 1 function with an external USB disk. 24 hours later it's only synced 58%.

Is this right?

Also, does anyone know of a way of changing the USB printer share name?

2006-06-23, 13:57
Sounds about right.. It took a very long time to Sync my 250GB Drive, and here's the rub... as It was an external USB Disk.. when the power failed the system came up without the external disk ( no auto spin up on power reconnect with the usb disk peripheral) and declaired it void... resynch 250GB again!! suggest if you can you set your 101 to not powerup following power failure ( if you can) that way you can spin up the external drive then boot the server... Alternativly get a UPS

It's a great product, but I prefer the readynas I bought..

Stick With it you'll be mirrored soon..