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2006-06-20, 17:50
Can anyone suggest a way to convert a collection of around 8000 wav's,
all organised into folders, subfolders by genre, artist etc, into flac's
and which will create an indentical folder structure and attach all
available tag's for song/artist info? I would love to find something
that I cound just start and leave running all night without the need to

Can this be done??

Johnny Stork
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2006-06-20, 18:40
I use foobar2000 for any bulk conversions: with the right format string you can preserve your directory structure. For example, setting $directory(%_path%,2)\$directory(%_path%,1)\%_file name% will keep the directory structure 2 levels deep. If you have three layers, use $directory(%_path%,3)\$directory(%_path%,2)\$direc tory(%_path%,1)\%_filename%
and I'm sure there's a smarter way to do it, but that's as much as I've needed.

2006-06-20, 19:01
You may be able to use ACDIR (http://nyaochi.sakura.ne.jp/xoops/modules/mysoftwares/tc_2.html) to perform the conversion, but it's geared towards disc images. I used the "advanced example" as a guide for transcoding my flacs to mp3.

Exactly how are your wavs organised into artist/album/genre directories? If it's something uniform like
music/<artist>/<album>/<tracknum> - <trackname>.wav it should be relatively easy to parse the filename and path to get the tag data you need.

2006-06-21, 02:04
Tag&Rename should be able to take your file names and convert them into tags. You can then use FreeDB or Amazon to complete any missing information and get album artwork if you want.

2006-06-21, 05:07
I use CD-DA Extractor from www.poikosoft.com to rip my CDs and convert from one format to another.

I imagine your biggest issue will be tagging as presumably all your available data will be in your current filename. Along with funkstar, I too use Tag&Rename and find it pretty straight-forward.

2006-06-21, 05:28
Along with funkstar, I too use Tag&Rename and find it pretty straight-forward.
There's also mp3tag which, although perhaps lacking some of the Tag&Rename features, is free.

2006-06-21, 19:45
The FLAC front-end for windows allows you to easily set up the automated tagging. I did it with 600 CDs.

On the front-end window, select Tag Conf. button (right side of the window). Set filename scheme to "custom". Then type "G/A/Y - L/N - T" to get Genre, Artist, Year - Album title, track no. - song title. Of course you can restructure it to fit your scheme.

Make a couple test runs to see what it does then just drag and drop your entire library onto the flac window and hit the go button. In a few hours it will all be there. Flac can set the replay gain values for you, too.

Flac will preserve your folder structure and if you check the box, will delete the .wav files as it encodes them (make sure you've set everything up right first!).


2006-06-22, 04:25
Another good one is Media Monkey:


The free version of this media player will do flac encoding. It will also do mp3 encoding if you replace the version of lame_enc.dll that comes with it with one you get elsewhere online. All you do is browse in Media Monkey to the directory containing your music, e.g. D:\WAV. Once all your music pops up, select all, right-click on a song and do Send to... -> Folder (Rip/Convert) -> {choose directory}. You will then get a dialog box that comes up and lets you choose what codec to use. You can then select flac and also make adjustments to the path if for example you want it to create a folder D:\FLAC\{Artist}\{Album}\{TrackNum} {Title}. Plus it gives you a nice preview window showing you all the titles of what you'll end up with.


2006-06-22, 19:54
I'll second the MediaMonkey suggestion.
I use it to convert flac's to mp3 on the fly while loading onto Ipods. Very intuitive, and customizable.

2006-06-22, 20:01
There is a similar discussion about the mass conversion of WAVs to MP3s (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=24782). The same principles should apply.

2006-06-24, 12:06
I find the command line parameters to be simple enough so I just create a .bat file to invoke flac.exe such as this:

flac --best -T artist="Yeah Yeah Yeahs" -T date="2003" -T album="Fever To Tell" -T tracknumber="09" -T title="Maps" -T genre="Rock" "C:\wav\wavs\Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 2003 - Fever To Tell - 09 - Maps.wav"

From a command line if you type "dir /s/w/b > wavs.txt" you'll get a listing of all wavs into 1 file. I use Excel to build the line above for each file. This is easy if your comfortable with the text to columns feature and then a simple formula. Once this is in Excel you can do touch-ups on the tags prior to creating the .bat file.

If the file name is in column A, followed by artist, year, album, track, title and genre in columns B-G then paste this formula in column H:

="flac --best -T artist="""&B1&""" -T date="""&C1&""" -T album="""&D1&""" -T tracknumber="""&E1&""" -T title="""&F1&""" -T genre="""&G1&""" """&A1&""""

copy the results of column H to a text file (notepad is fine) then save it with a .bat extension and run it while making sure flac.exe is in the same folder.

This may seem complicated (and perhaps some of the UIs make this much easier) but I like the control over the process and the speed of making tag changes among the cells and using search/replace in Excel.

2006-07-16, 12:18
Script to Transfer iTunes CDDB CD tags to WAVE/AIFF/AAC/MP3 Library tracks: