View Full Version : 802.11g Data rates for SB2/3

2006-06-20, 02:33

I'm looking at possibly changing my Wireless router as I have a pretty old Belkin 602.11g router.

What I want is a router which matches the data rates for the Sb2/3 closely

The model I have in mind is a Zonet ZSR1114WE which has got pretty good reviews on Tom's Hardware.
What I want to know is how the SB hardware changes it's data rate depending on the wireless signal. The more step's, the more likely you are to get higher speed connection.

The Zonet operates at these speeds.
6/12/18/24/36/48/54 Mbps

The SB & router will try to communicate at the highest possible reliable rate that the devices have in common, so the more data rates the better. Anyone know what these are for the SB2/SB3 wireless module.

2006-06-20, 12:31
Richard can backstop me on this, but the current firmware claims it supports:

6.0 9.0 12.0 18.0 24.0 36.0 48.0 54.0

2006-06-20, 22:53

Thanks Chris.