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2006-06-19, 12:34

Any update on the external SATA case to match the TS-101?

Yes i remember what i said when you first raised the subject, but i didn't have my unit at that point and can now appreciate the quality of the case Qnap have produced :)

Also there was brief talk of it being possible to upgrade the memory in the unit. Is this possible? I could just go and open mine up and remove the plate seperating the drive from the main board, but that would mean no music!

thanks paul.

ps. good holiday?

2006-06-19, 13:53
Hope you had a good holiday, you certainly earned it after all the support you gave us setting up the Qnaps.

I am also interested in the above external matching TS-101 case which was discussed many months ago @ 49.99 + vat. One user I recall stating that it would be good if the new power supply unit could run "Both ie 2" Qnaps to save on yet another set of cables & transformer etc.

2006-06-19, 15:14
I'm interested as well is it still likely to happen? I have found the QNAP so useful I now have all my music and files on it. Really need a fault-tolerant solution

2006-06-26, 06:10

Great holiday thanks, spent way to much money on climbing tree's etc (we went to Center Parcs in Nottingham) but we all had a great time.

I'll get an update from Qnap on the external sATA case project.


2006-06-26, 10:55
Great news thanks Paul and look forward to an update. My now wife was full of praise when she spent her hen weekend at one

2006-06-28, 03:38
Count me in when you get details...

Will there be an option to backup to an external disk or is it just for Q-RAID 1

2006-07-11, 07:36

Did you get any information from Qnap about the ESATA disk enclosure?