View Full Version : SB3 wont stream from PC

2006-06-18, 09:27
An update since my last post. My SB3 is not streaming music, freezing shortly before the end of a single track. I have checked firewalls and hardbooted the SB3 from scratch.
I am running it wirelessly and now have it next to my my router.
Watching the server health, everything is shown as OK, except towards the end of the first track being played the "streaming connection" shows failed. Shortly after it fails, it the streaming connection reverts to OK. However, although I can then select a new track from the SB3 or the slim server nothing new is played (not even the track it was playing). The SB3 does show the correct track as "now playing" - however nothing plays. The correct track shows, the track duration bar either immediately fills up or is partially filled, but is frozen. The only way to to play another track is to turn the power off and then on. It will again freeze at or near the end of the first track it plays from the PC. Internet works fine.

2006-06-19, 15:38
Do you have fade in/fade out enabled?