View Full Version : Using SB3 in China

2006-06-17, 22:50
It looks like I'll be moving to China later this year, and of course I plan to bring my SB3. Other than having to get a 220V adapter for the unit, are there any other issues I am going to have to deal with to use the unit there? Anyone else ever take their SB3 out of the US and have experience to share?

2006-06-18, 01:07
can't think you would have any problems. is the power pack not universal 110v to 240v? that way you only need a socket converter.

do you use internet radio? would this be affected by Chinas massive internet firewall?

2006-06-18, 20:51
The Great Firewall of China doesn't seem to affect Squeezenetwork in anyway. However, the general inconsistency of available bandwidth on my Cable Modem often causes internet radio to stutter. On those days, I have no choice but to not listen to streams.

If you are lucky to get a reliable ISP, you should be fine.