View Full Version : Strange Digital Volume Control Problem

Dick Sternum
2006-06-17, 04:54
I have just added an SB3 to my collection and have used it to replace an SB2 in my main system, moving the SB2 elsewhere in the house. The SB3 is setup the same as the SB2 was, connecting to the same WAP and using the same connections to the amplifier (co-ax digital).

However, when I set the digital volume control setting via slimserver to "digital output level is fixed" which is how I had the SB2 configured, all I get is massively distorted output. If I set it back to adjustable then all is well and I can turn the volume up to 11 with no problems.

I've checked the settings between the two units and everything else seems the same. Am I missing something?

2006-06-17, 16:13
The volume scale is 1-40.
Can you go past 11? Perhaps full-volume (i.e. fixed) digital output is too much and overloads your amp's inputs.

How about with the analog outputs? Do they work fine all the way up and down the volume scale with the digital output fixed and variable?

Dick Sternum
2006-06-18, 04:32
I was talking about the web interface of SlimServer that goes up to 11.

What I'm trying to understand is why it's distorted when my SB2 connected in it's place works fine with the digital output fixed, but the SB3 which is the same hardware doesn't.

I don't use analogue inputs on the amp, so haven't tested these.

2006-06-18, 12:12
Very strange. What kind of receiver/amp is it? Can you try it with a different one?

Dick Sternum
2006-06-19, 12:45

It's a Tag Mclaren AV32R.

Literally all I've done is unplugged the digital cable from the back of the SB2 and plugged it into the SB3. The SB3 is then (I think) configured the same.

Unfortunately I don't have another amp with a digital input to try. Its working perfectly as is (digital output option set to variable and the volume turned up to max) so to be honest I probably wont bother too much.

On another note - is there a way to copy the setup of one player to another, so that I can make sure that the two players are indeed the same?