View Full Version : 2 Squeezeboxes (bought in April 2006) for sale

2006-06-16, 11:44
My living conditions have changed radically (let's leave it at that), so I have 2 black wireless Squeezeboxes (SB3s, bought in April 2006) for sale. Excellent gear, I recommend them to anyone who will listen. E-mail me if interested; please, US only. Make me an offer.

Mark Taber

2006-06-19, 18:55
Thanks to all who replied. Both SB3s sold this weekend.

Mark Taber

2006-06-22, 10:01
Maybe this will work for me as well. I purchased two SB3s in March, but my living conditions are about to change drastically as well. I'm currently in a 6 bed 2 bath 2000 sqft house, but just accepted a new job in Palo Alto and will probably be living in a cramped 2 bed 1 bath 900 sqft apartment in Mountain View (with a wife and two kids). As such, I really don't need the one White Wireless SB3 that I purchased with the intent of setting it up in my patio area (although I'm keeping the Black Wired version and my trusty old SB1G, which I absolutely love). The one I'm selling is practically brand new and still in the box. I only took it out upon receipt to verify contents and then carefully repacked. PM or email me if interested.

Kevin O. Lepard
2006-06-22, 10:17
>900 sqft apartment in Mountain View (with a wife and two kids)

Good luck. (No sarcasm intended, that's going to be a tough change.)

>I really don't need the one White Wireless SB3...(although I'm keeping
>the Black Wired version and my trusty old SB1G

If you're sure you want to be down to 2--although I could see putting
1 in each bedroom and 1 in the living area--I'd suggest you keep the
white wireless SB3 and get rid of the wired black one. Especially in
an apartment, pulling wire may not be allowed or practical.

And unless the form factor is an issue, selling the SB1G would allow
you all the advantages of the version 2 & 3, client side FLAC
decoding, Squeezenetwork access, etc. There are some really nice
features that are 2/3 only.

Just some thoughts.

Kevin O. Lepard

Happiness is being 100% Microsoft free.

2006-06-23, 09:03
You are of course correct. The prudent thing to do here is to wait and see what my living conditions and layout will be and then sell one. I'll rescind for now and decide what to sell after I'm in my new place.

Thanks for the good luck wish too; I'm sure we'll need all we can get. :)