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2006-06-16, 10:42
Hi guys and gals.
I wish to listen to one of the local radio stations, broadcasted webly by an application by castup company..
Slimserver can't play this! (playes fine on my ubuntu vlc player when file is presented).
Why? Has anyone got an idea?
Some data:
The link supposes to be: http://switch3.castup.net/cunet/gm.asp?format=wm&ak=42191714&ClipMediaID=20853
(taken from radio station technical help).
The file contents is:
asx version="3.0">

<!-- GMX -->

<title>CastUP: 106fm</title>


<param name="encoding" value="utf-8" />


<PARAM NAME="EntryType" VALUE="Content" />

<PARAM NAME="ShowWhileBuffering" VALUE="true"/>

<PARAM NAME="CastUP_AssociatedURL" VALUE="" />

<PARAM NAME="CastUP_Content_ClipMediaID" VALUE="20853" />


<title>CastUP: 106fm</title>

<ref href="mms://s36wm.castup.net/87382143-48.wmv?s=&rid=606071656372002&ct=IL&rg=BZ&aid=171&st=0" />

<ref href="mms://s35wm.castup.net/87382143-48.wmv?s=&rid=606071656372002&ct=IL&rg=BZ&aid=171&st=0" />

<ref href="mms://s18wm.castup.net/87382143-48.wmv?s=&rid=606071656372002&ct=IL&rg=BZ&aid=171&st=0" />

<ref href="mms://s08wm.castup.net/87382143-48.wmv?s=&rid=606071656372002&ct=IL&rg=BZ&aid=171&st=0" />

<ref href="mms://s06wm.castup.net/87382143-48.wmv?s=&rid=606071656372002&ct=IL&rg=BZ&aid=171&st=0" />

<ref href="mms://s07wm.castup.net/87382143-48.wmv?s=&rid=606071656372002&ct=IL&rg=BZ&aid=171&st=0" />

<ref href="mms://s67wm.castup.net/87382143-48.wmv?s=&rid=606071656372002&ct=IL&rg=BZ&aid=171&st=0" />

<ref href="mms://s95wm.castup.net/87382143-48.wmv?s=&rid=606071656372002&ct=IL&rg=BZ&aid=171&st=0" />

<ref href="mms://s43wm.castup.net/87382143-48.wmv?s=&rid=606071656372002&ct=IL&rg=BZ&aid=171&st=0" />

<ref href="mms://s17wm.castup.net/87382143-48.wmv?s=&rid=606071656372002&ct=IL&rg=BZ&aid=171&st=0" />

<ref href="mms://s25wm.castup.net/87382143-48.wmv?s=&rid=606071656372002&ct=IL&rg=BZ&aid=171&st=0" />


And from the castup webpage:

The CU Broadcaster is a remotely managed unattended IP broadcasting appliance. Among its features are full support for multiple video streams, and automatic connection to NILE or CGM. This product is intended for rugged environments, and 24/7-uptime IP casting. Classic for high-end location-cams, highway public monitoring, and high quality multi-cam surveillance, this super reliable closed box is the ideal choice for plug-and-cast style operations. The remote management services are enabled via an http driven interface. The CU Broadcaster is software upgradeable to CU Archiver. Model restrictions apply.

*Compatible with Nile and CGN.
Any idea anyone?
BTW It's a great students radio station, fine alternative music etc. Recomended!