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2006-06-16, 08:38
Hello all,

New poster here. Got my SB3 a few months ago and so far so good. Relative newbie, but thanks to this forum and all the user guides out there, no troubles so far. REally enjoying my music again.

I decided to add Replaygain to my library using fb2k. I have 572 albums, all mp3, nearly all ripped with EAC and Lame using all the recommended settings. Seemed to work ok, and Slimserver shows the volume adjustments for all the CDs I've modified.

The odd thing is that the SB only sees the adjustment in some CDs but not others. And I can't see any logic (when ripped, how ripped, etc) in which ones are recognized and which ones aren't.

The adjusted files all show ID tag version ID3v2.4.0, which is what shows in the SB when it recognizes the volume adjustment. But the SB will show version IDv2.3.0 in those files where the Replaygain info is not getting through (even though the version is 4.0 in Slimserver). Some even show version ID3v1.1 / ID3v2.3.0 (again with no volume adjustment).

Any advice greatly appreciated. I'm running Slimserver 6.3 in Win XP over a wireless network.

2006-06-18, 17:55
New fact - this only happens when I browse music folders, my preferred way of listening to my SB3. If I browse by anything else, the volume adjustment is right where it should be. So I guess this is a browse music folders question and not a replaygain question - what is different about browse music folders that results in different performance at the player? Is the streaming coming from a different source?

2006-06-18, 18:34
Tags are not read when using browse music folder.

2006-06-18, 21:36
That's not strictly true. They are read during the scan and then the
modification date is checked and the file tags may be reread upon

Also, if you navigate right into the song in browse music folder, you
can see much of the tag info metadata.

On Jun 18, 2006, at 6:34 PM, radish wrote:

> Tags are not read when using browse music folder.
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Pale Blue Ego
2006-06-18, 23:21
I know there was a bug in the previous version of fb2k. When applying replaygain to mp3 files, fb2k was erasing ID3v2 tags and writing the gain settings to an Id3v1 tag. It seriously fubar'ed my tags.

I'm not sure if the latest fb2k beta has this bug, because I now use Mp3Gain to apply my gain tags.

2006-06-25, 05:18
Thanks for the input. Don't think its the fb2k problem because all the tracks are fine both in slimserver and in SB3 when I browse any way other than folders. Hard to understand the explanation about tags not being read when browsing folders because some files are fine, others not. I guess my workaround is to not use browse music folders, which is too bad -- I liked my folders.