View Full Version : Playlist problem with SlimServer on ReadyNAS NV

2006-06-15, 15:03
I am having a problem with blank iTunes playlists in SlimServer installed on a ReadyNAS NV.

I copied my iTunes folder over to the ReadyNAS and got everything working, but in SlimServer all my playlists are blank even though the playlist names are appearing properly.

In iTunes all my playlists display correctly.

Currently I have the .XML location on SlimServer setup page blank.

I was wondering if there may be a problem because I had SlimServer on my Mac, and I copied the whole iTunes folder over.

Where does SlimServer save it's playlist data?

Could the old Mac SlimServer playlist data file be corrupting the ReadyNAS SlimServer playlist data?

Or, what other ideas do you have?

( Since Slim Devices is promoting the ReadyNAS NV, I thought I'd post here since I haven't had much luck on the Infrant web site )

2006-06-16, 14:20
I have exactly the same problem as the above user on my QNAP NAS box, it used to show the playlist contents but since upgrading to the Qnap Slimserve V6.2.2, I have now lost the contents of the itunes playlists even though their names are there. All playlist contents are Ok within itunes as normal.

Does any one have any possible options to try out?

2006-06-20, 10:00
How would I go about diagnosing this problem?

Are there any log files I can read?

2006-06-20, 11:21

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