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2006-06-15, 01:53
Internet Radio Breaking Up/dropping out


I have an intermittent audio dropout problem when listening to internet radio on my SB3, this occurs especially during evening times, the audio drops in and out at a frequency of about once every second making it impossible to listen to. I can listen to internet radio during the day without a problem. Alien BBC on the other hand works ok more or less at any time.

I realise this is probably an internet/ISP problem as evening time internet radio is also erratic on my PC but I wondered if anyone else has experienced this.

I live in the UK, have a Tiscali 1Mb connection and use a 3Com router wired to the SB.

Would upgrading my service to 2Mb + cure the problem?

PS Iíve had my SB3 a few months now and think itís a fantastic piece of kit.


2006-06-15, 09:23
I like to listen to a Korean Blues Station, (Bluesonair.com) and it drops off periodically too, probably due to some server or internet issues. Its not too annoying or I would stop listening to the stream. I've tried other small streams with worse reliablility. The large commercial streams like Live365 are more reliable, but you have to pay or put up with advertising. I'm using a DSL connection at 600k speed and get great performance 24/7 for $14 per month, so you dont need a whole load of capacity to run these steams.

P.S. I'd like to add a word of "Thanks" for all the work the staff at Slimdevices, the freelance developers and everybody else working to make this all better. Of course its not perfect and I suggest since the broadcast(s) has to circumnavigate the globe on various computer components and backbone networks- we are fortunate it works as good as it does.

2006-06-15, 09:44
This thread may be of interest as it mentions Tiscali as well.


2006-06-15, 14:21
Thanks for the information. I'll make enquiries with Tiscali.