View Full Version : Build 7994 Trunk Startup Problems

2006-06-14, 23:35

I'm starting a new thread for this as my previous one kind of went off onto someone elses problem.

I've reinstalled slimserver from the nightly completely which has got rid of the majority of errors I was seeing in the log file, but slimserver still refuses to stay running for longer than a few seconds.

It reports:

2006-06-15 07:32:05.5521 Subroutine normalise_time redefined at /home/slimserv
er/trunk/server/Plugins/Alien/AlienAddon/AlienRTEMenu.pm line 117, <DATA> line
Can't call method "scanningProcess" on an undefined value at /home/slimserver/
trunk/server/Slim/Music/Import.pm line 258.
... and then stops.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


2006-06-16, 05:35
Can i assume that this is working for everyone else, and it's just me with a problem?

2006-06-17, 08:59
Hmm, thanks everyone.

Anyway, in case anyone else has a simiar problem in the future, I removed my plugins folder and restored it from the nightly build, then added the svn information back in. That solved the problem.