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2006-06-13, 19:15
A strange thing happened to me today.

I created some playlists, each containing one internet radio station, and emailed them to a friend.

They contained some Hungarian radio stations that his mother wanted to listen to, and I wanted to save him some time because he's not all that computer literate.

Well, it didn't work. So I went over to his place, created the playlists on his computer the same way I had created them on mine, and that worked.

Is there something non-portable about a playlist that only contains a URL?

I understand that playlists pointing to music on my local hard disk are non-portable, but this wasn't.

Am I missing something?

2006-06-13, 20:04
(not an expert - speculating here...)
It might depend on the url, as some urls will redirect you to a local cache (like an akamai site) that might not work from your friend's location. Check the address that gets stored in the hand-made playlist versus the one you copied over. Are they the same?

2006-06-13, 20:41
I don't know what that means, but here's the URL
It's a shoutcast server.
It should identify itself as
Kossuth Radio Budapest 40 kbps sztereo (the sz is not a spelling mistake)