View Full Version : Slim Showcase - The Grateful Dead

2006-06-13, 14:38
As some folks noticed a while ago, we're launching a monthly series called 'Slim Showcase' designed to highlight some great concerts and artists. Being a Bay Area company we decided to go with the obvious choice as a starter and look at The Grateful Dead.

We've teamed with radioio and if you check out Slim Devices Picks>Best of Internet Radio on SqueezeNetwork you'll find their Grateful Dead station. You can find out more about this station at http://www.radioio.com/radioiodead.php

If you're not familiar with the band and their music we've put up some information at http://www.slimdevices.com/dev_showcase_dead.html?

We want to use this showcase as a way of introducing great musc from various genres, artists and periods. So please check out SqueezeNetwork every so often to see if we can introduce you to somee great music.

2006-07-10, 16:57
Might want to also mention the several thousand Dead concerts available @ the music arhive which can be streamed with the SB.