View Full Version : Cover loosening on SB

2006-06-12, 04:22
On my Squeezebox at home, as well as the one in the office, the lower aluminum part seems to be coming off. There is an gap between the metal strip and the display it's mounted on.

I seems that there is only one tiny drop of glue used, in the middle of the strip.

I think I will have to glue the two parts together myself one of these days... Talk about DYI. :-)

2006-06-12, 04:31
Are you talking about an SB3 ? If so, there have been a few threads on this already, it's a known issue for a small number of SBs with a particular faceplate design:

See here (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=19464&highlight=plate) for a suggestion as to how to fix it and here (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=18977) for confirmation that if that doesn't fix it, SD will send you a new face plate.

Contact support if you've got any queries before trying the glue thing.

2006-06-12, 04:52
Excuse me, I didn't know there were threads about this already. I didn't search thouroughly enough.

Indeed I have a SB 3. Thanx for the links. I think I will figure it out now.

2006-06-12, 09:54
Definitely try backing the screws off a bit, not only will this make the aluminum faceplate fit better, it will also eliminate the distortion in the front plastic (which you can see if you hold the face up to the light) so it becomes more flat.

2006-06-12, 14:05
After reading the threads about loose faceplates I pulled on mine and it came right off. I'm going to leave the aluminum cover off. I like the looks of the all-black unit with just the display lit up.