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Pale Blue Ego
2006-06-11, 08:52
Lately I've been enjoying Magnatune's wonderful array of music podcasts and thought I give a shout out to other SB owners.

These podcasts are arranged by music type, generally last about an hour, and sound good at 128 kb/s. There are 50 different music categories, including some obscure ones like "Lute", "Sitar", "Medieval", "Mozart", "Remix", etc.


If you put this URL in your Slimserver podcast list, you'll get a listing of the 4 most recent podcasts from each genre:


All of Magnatune's music is available as a free stream, or can be purchased in lossy or lossless form. Albums are available for a suggested price of $8, though you can choose to pay more or as little as $5. The artist gets half of what the album sells for, and there's never any DRM.

If you want to buy a physical CD, it costs $12.97, shipping is free, and you can download the album while you wait for the CD to arrive.

Magnatune has a very fair and workable business model. They compensate the artists, they trust their customers, and they offer a lot of quality music. I've been aware of Magnatune for a while, but I didn't think the music would be any good - I was wrong. The big labels could learn a lot from this company.

tom permutt
2006-06-11, 10:05
They do have some interesting stuff. I haven't tried the podcasts, but you can also use the whole catalog or the sections you like as playlists and listen on demand to whatever you want. Relatively lo-res, of course: try then buy.