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2006-06-10, 14:37
Special Offer
1Tb ReadyNAS NV and 2 Squeezeboxes - only $1499

Elitist crap!

What is the ReadyNAS NV by itself price?

2006-06-10, 14:47
Try this one: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000FG85D8

That looks like the exact same box.

You do know that Infrant boxes are going to be spendier than the kind you can pick up from Walmart, right? They have a much beefier system (which means that they can run Slimserver better) for better serving files in a NAS setup.

And, yes, CPU does matter even on a NAS box if it has heavy access.

So, in case you don't check the Amazon price...

They have it for $1549 (Save $150 from msrp!).

For $50 less than Amazon you get 2 Squeezeboxes with the purchase.

2006-06-10, 14:54
That's a $300 discount off buying all those items separately.

It's a good deal, we've been impressed by the interest and the offer
won't last long.

2006-06-11, 01:17
When a NAS costs that much, what's the point? Correct me if I'm wrong, but you could get an actual computer for much much less.

2006-06-11, 01:30
On 11-Jun-06, at 1:17 AM, NWP wrote:

> When a NAS costs that much, what's the point? Correct me if I'm wrong,
> but you could get an actual computer for much much less.
it's about a good quality system, low power and good efficiency.
you don't like it, you don't have to get one. If you feel a computer
serves you better,
then please go get a computer...unless that gun to your head is really
scaring you

2006-06-11, 01:37
Sure, I just bought a Dell for $200 (and yanked out the hard drive and put my own in, but that's another story :P).

But, then, the real value to the Infrant box is the software and the robust design. It has a lot more processing power than the usual "home file server". (256M of RAM, for example. Slimserver would be a lot comfier with that much RAM than on a box with 32M like the cheaper home servers.)

I may buy a cheapo Dell for a music server, and it may technically have the same clock speed of some of the servers I use at work... but I still pay substantially more for them for a reason. Same as why if I took music seriously instead of as a spendy toy, the Infrant box would be very nice.

The Infrant box has some pretty nifty software for growing drives on the fly ("oh let me plug in this new drive, there, now I have more storage"), Hot Swapping drives (okay, so not crucial on a music server, but -very- nice on a business file server when you can't tell the sales dept "sorry, go away, I need to replace a failed drive"), low power (probably not as low as some of the low-end NAS boxes, but not as high as a PC either).

http://www.tomsnetworking.com/2006/03/03/infrant_readynas_nv/ has a fair review of the NV.

(And, nope, I don't have a vested intereset in Infrant.. I like my cheapo dell, and proud that I managed to get a system that came with FreeDOS not even Windows... But it is a box I can lust after. If I had the money, yeah, it would be a very tempting purchase.)

2006-06-11, 09:49
You save maybe $100, as the Infrant with four 250GB drives is available for $999 elsewhere. If you need two Squeezeboxes, and if the approximately 680GB of real storage from the "1 terabyte" RAID 5 array is sufficient, it still may be worth it. I'm not sure it makes sense, though, if you're going to buy a $650 NAS, to populate it with 250GB drives when much larger drives are available.

2006-06-11, 09:56
One neat feature of the Infrant is their X-Raid feature. Lets you replace or add drives as you go and expands the array to fill those drives.

You could start with 4x 250gig drives and slowly add 500gig drives as you could afford them or the 250s die and once they are all at 500gig you N-1 drives of fault tollerant storage (I'll not say RAID-5 storage, because it isn't, it does have 1 drive of parity but it uses JBOD for the others i think)