View Full Version : setCurrentTitle no longer used in 6.5?

2006-06-10, 08:43
The function Slim::Music::Info::setCurrentTitle(), while still existing and working, seems to now be ignored everywhere in SlimServer?

I set the title to the current track details in the LastFM plugin, but after the split-scanner changes, this info is never seen in the web interface or player.

Can I set the title on the track object for the URL now? If so, probably best to remove these methods or warn when using them!


2006-06-11, 03:16
I agree with this, messes up Alien too... Seems to me that there is a descripancy in how readTags is used in some of the calls to updateOrCreate. There are several calls to updateOrCreate with readTags = 1 in the code to scan and play a remote url. However this resets the title to the url.

Dan/Andy - any views how this should work?