View Full Version : Slimserver terminates songs early

2006-06-10, 07:13
I've been having a problem with music files that get loud near, but not at, the end (like maybe 30-45 seconds before the end): Slimserver (6.2.2) ends the song in the middle of that loud part.
Until now I had assumed it was due to some indosyncrasy of my modus operandi, e.g. some classical music ripped off of cassettes
had this problem (but always relative to the end of the track, as indicated above -- tracks I had created with CDWAVE). I would digitally lower the level of these tracks (in Adobe Audition) and the problem would disappear. But now I had it happen in a universally repeatable situation: the Donovan track "Season of the Witch" which had been ripped from the "Donovan's Greatest Hits" CD into Itunes using Apple Lossless compression (plays fine through Itunes and on my Ipod).
The usual deal: he builds to a climax near the end, then it subsides to quiet music at the very end. In the middle of the climax, when played through Slimserver...the song is over.
Has anybody else experienced this or does anyone have any idea what could be causing it? Thanks.

2008-10-04, 20:57
I am getting that too...on my SB controller it shows teh song lentgh as about 11 seconds shorter than wahy it shows in iTunes on my Mac...in iTunes the song plays right to the end but on the squeezebox it stops early....

I'm going to rescan tonight and see if it helps....

PROBLEM RESOLVED: The song that was ending early was the "seed" song on an iTunes Genius playlist. The same song in my regular library does not cut out early and, now that I have re-scanned, neither does the Genius version.